The sound of knuckle cracking occurs when joint manipulation produces a sharp cracking or popping sound. The sound occurs due to the pulling apart of bubbles formed inside the joints. Small cavities form a partial vacuum in the synovial fluid. These collapse rapidly producing a sharp sound. Deliberate knuckle cracking can be annoying to your ccccccolleagues at work or school. But the good news is that it’s beneficial as indicated by scientific studies. The myth that cracking your knuckles is bad for you can now put to rest. Studies involving a number of volunteers showed that no short-term damage was caused by cracking your fingers. Devotion to science has also disapproved of the ability of knuckle cracking to cause arthritis.


Most people around you may say that knuckle cracking is bad for your Digital Playground coupon health. But have no scientific evidence to back their claims. Dr.Greg Kawchuk gathered responses from different individuals about knuckle cracking. Some reported that knuckle cracking was revealing and helpful. Many of them also found it to be annoying due to the irritating noise. Most people could not sound the sound of knuckle cracking. They justify their claims based on a 1990 study. This study indicated that knuckle cracking causes lower grip strength and hand swelling.

This study had some deficiencies as pointed out by Dr.Boutin and Kawchuck pointed. It t does not compare those who cracked their knuckles and those who didn’t. These authors also did not clearly state how they assessed the lowering of grip strength and hand swelling. There is also another myth that cracking knuckles leads to arthritis. There is no medical evidence to support this claim. In fact, this myth was disapproved by Dr. Donald Ungers` work which contributed to his Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.


Renowned doctors used ultrasound to analyze knuckle cracking in real-time. Dr. Szabo who performs hand surgery at UC Davis Medical Center was challenged by his nurse to prove the effects of her knuckle cracking. Apparently, Tanya Johnsons’ knuckle-cracking seemed annoying with Szabo claiming that it was detrimental. Dr.Szabo and Dr. Robert Bouttin, a radiologist went on to carry out a knuckle cracking study. They gathered a number of knuckle crackers including Tanya Johnson.

Knuckle cracking was done with ultrasound to reveal what really goes inside the joints. This was followed by an examination of the knuckles based on pre-and post-crack. The duo also looked for any waning of grip strength or swelling. The results indicated no problems among the knuckle-crackers. In fact, cracked knuckles had improved motion compared to Evil Angel discounts un-cracked ones. These results were presented in a Radiological Society of North America session.

The solo work of Donald Unger also put the myth of knuckle cracking causing arthritis to bed. He had been told by his family authorities including his mother that knuckle cracking leads to arthritis of fingers. Unger carried out this study for 50 years on himself. He cracked the knuckles of his left hand at least twice a day while leaving those on the right as control. Finally, after 5 decades, Unger analyzed his data set. There was no arthritis in either hand. He concluded that there was no relationship between knuckle cracking and the development of arthritis of the fingers.


Observations of 400 knuckles revealed something striking. When a knuckle was cracked, a unique and sudden flash was observed in the joints. This is caused by pulling apart two surfaces on the joint which lowers pressure inside the joint. Reduced pressure allows gases inside the synovial fluid to be liberated. The formation of Twistys Deal bubbles causes a flash sound. Lowering the pressure allowed more laxity, as indicated by Dr. Boutin.


The two researchers are open to new findings since their analysis was based on short-term effects. Meanwhile, Szabo has no reason to stop his nurse from cracking her knuckles. The myth that knuckle cracking is bad turns out to be a foretold lie. Dr. Unger, a Medical Noble prize winner has also proved that knuckle cracking and arthritis are unrelated. You can go ahead and crack your knuckles for more laxity. However, avoid doing it among people who find it annoying especially your potential mates and interviewers. It’s right to believe that knuckle cracking is harmless, thanks to science.